• BAILLARGUES (34) - St Julien Church

    Creation of a new organ, 2 keybords (56 notes), pedal board (30 notes), 22 organ stops. The soundaesthetics is inspired from the organs of Middle Germagny, late 18th century. This creation was done in collaboration with Jean-Marie Tricoteaux.

    Inauguration on December 5, 2021, by the Duo Merlin.

  • ARTENAY (45), St Victor Church

    Creation of a new organ, 17 main stops (2 additional stops), 2 keyboards, pedal keyboard. The sound aesthetics is inspired from the organs of the early 19th Century of Southern Germany.

    Soundbite : Dieterich Buxtehude (vers 1637 - 1707) - Choral BUX WV 208 - Nun bitten wir den Heiligen Geist - Hubert Brayé

  • Mulhouse (68), Ste Marie Church

    The reconstruction of Joseph Callinet organ (1834 - 3 keyboards, pedal, 32 stops) has been performed from November 2010 to March 2013, starting from some buffet elements and old pipes that had been preserved. The inaugural concert has been given on the 31th May 2013 by Daniel Roth.

    Soundbite : BOELY (1785-1858) - Quatuor en sol min. - inaugural concert - with the kind authorization of the organist Daniel Roth.

  • Reformed Church - Plobsheim (67)

    This instruments created by E.A. Roethinger (1898) has been completely mechanized and its sound palette has been expanded. It counts up now 17 stops commanding two keyboards and the pedal. 6 of these stops are completely new, as well as the façade. The inaugural concert will be given by Mathieu Freyburger, the 8th September 2013.

    Soundbite : J.S. Bach (1685-1750) - Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wend - BWV 709 - with the kind authorization of the Plobsheim-Eschau reformed parish and of the interpreter Mr. Albert Schreiber. CD on sale at the parish.

  • Mulhouse, St Paul's Temple (68)

    This new organ of 10 stops is intended to be particularly suitable for playing eighteenth century French and German compositions. It was built in 2005/2006 and was inaugurated by Mr Maurice Moerlen, well-known organist of the Great Organ at Strasbourg Cathedral. We were awarded the "Grand Prix Départemental 
    et Régional 2008 des métiers d'art" for this construction.
    soundbite : Michel Corrette (1707-1795) - Magnificat du 2ème ton - Basse de Trompette - with pleasant authorization of the organist Guillaume Nussbaum

  • Emm Church Organ, Metzeral Sondernach (68).

    This completely new organ, with 20 stops, two keyboards and a pedal-board was built using three different types of wood : oak, ash and pine, between November 2004 and June 2005. It fits in perfectly with the neo roman style of the church. The composition and harmonisation create a wide range of musical possibilities usually associated with mid nineteenth century Alsatian organs. It was inaugurated on July 3rd 2005 by Pascal Reber, resident organist of the Great Organ at Strasbourg Cathedral.

    Soundbite : http://www.amisdelemm.fr/lorgue-braye


  • Aniche (59) - St Martin's church

    This organ, made by the Coupleux brothers (1935 - organ makers, Lille) was mechanized between January 2002 and April 2004. The instrument has 27 stops, commanding three keyborads and a pedal-board. The first inaugural concert was given by Daniel Roth, resident organist of St Sulpice Church, Paris.

  • Châtillon sur Chalaronne (01)

    Construction of a teaching organ with 8 stops for the "Maison de la Musique" re-using a certain number of components from the original church organ. Existing components : pillars of the organ case ; sculptures ; internal pipes and the façade. New components : mechanics ; swell box ; keyboards and pedal-boards ; bench ; windchest ; central part of the organ case and also the sides and rear ; copies of the central sculptures to match the existing sculptures ; extra pipes where necessary.