• SENDAI (Japan) - TOHOKU GAKUIN university

    Transfer of the Daniel Kern organ (III/48) from the Izumi campus to the Itsutsubashi campus, in collaboration with the Yamaha company.

  • KYOTO (Japan) - Doshisha university

    Repairment, in 2022, of the bellows of the Daniel Kern organ (III/43).

  • PFAFFENHEIM (68) - St Martin Church

    The organ was built in 1839 by Joseph and Ignace Callinet. It was transferred to St Martin Church after its construction in 1895, without its Positive though ; its pipes and base were placed behind the Great Organ. The façade pipes of the Great Organ were requisitioned in 1917. In 1931, the mechanism was replaced by a pneumatic action by Georges Schwenkedel with great respect for the old pipes. The instrument is listed historical monument since 2000. The restoration work performed in 2015 and 2016 made possible to get back to its original sound. There are 33 original stops over 35, as well as 5 of the 6 bases. The sculptures of the Swell Organ have been made by Cathy Fellmann Sala, Finest Sculptor of the Year. The harmonisation was performed in collaboration with Jean-Marie Tricoteaux.

    The instrument was inaugurated on the 11th November 2016 by Vincent Warnier.

    Soundbite : A. Boely (1785-1858) - Fantaisie et fugue en sib majeur, op. 18 n°6 - concert inaugural de l'orgue restauré - with pleasant authorization of Vincent Warnier.


    The organ was originally built by François Callinet around 1815 for the Chapel of the Pilgrimage Notre-Dame du Schauenberg in Pfaffenheim. Il was then taken to pieces around 1965 and listed as historical monument in 2016. The restoration work aimed at getting back to the original condition of this instrument, with its 10 stops, 1 keyboard and a 13 notes fix tirasse Pedal.


  • LUTTER (68) - St Léger Church

    The Lutter organ, von Joseph Callinet, 1844,  underwent only one major transformation throughout its history; in the year 1927 by Berger. The work consisted in getting back to its original configuration with the addition of two stops originally planned by Callinet but never installed. The Pedal was extended from 18 to 27 keys. A Tirasse GO, copied from Callinet, was created. The Soufflet from Berger was kept and restored. The restoration work was officially completed in February 2021 with the attendance of Pascal Reber and Cyrill Schmiedlin, patrons of the instrument. 

  • Mollau (68) - St Jean Baptiste Church

    The restoration of Joseph Callinet’s organ (1833) was undertaken in 2011. This organ is certainly the most authentic one left by Joseph Callinet. 
    It is registered as an historic monument. The Callinet’s pedal pipes have been put back on their original note. New pipes have been duplicated from the original ones. They replace the old pipes that have been moved in 1961 in the pedal’s 30 notes extension.The inauguration is planned on June 24, 2012 during the opening concert of the Masevaux International Organ Festival.

    Soundbite : Adolph Friedrich Hesse (1809-1847) - Fantaisie en Do M. - III. Allegretto - Duo Merlin - Orgues en Alsace Volume 7 - With pleasant authorization of the "Festival International d'Orgues de Masevaux", Yannick Merlin and Béatrice Piertot

  • DANNEMARIE (68) - St Leonard Church

    Joseph Callinet (1846), 38 stops, 3 pedal keyboards, listed as Historical Monument. 
    Restoration of the great organ sound base due to a large oxidation of the lead parts. 
    Concert on May, 12 2019, Callinet Organ Friends Association 50’s Anniversary: 
    Olivier Latry, titular organist - Notre Dame de Paris Great Organ

  • Turckheim (68) - Ste Anne's Church

    The Silbermann-Callinet-Kern Organ was re-dressed in 2008. The Silbermann pipes, seriously corroded, have been restored and protected. This instrument was inaugurated on 14th December 2008 by Mr Maurice Moerlen and Mr L.P. Ernst.

  • GIROMAGNY (90) - St-Jean Baptiste Church

    This instrument is listed historical monument and went through three different stage : Verschneider-Krempf in 1874, Henri Didier in 1902 and Louis Georgel in 1941. It was decided to get back to the original state of Verschneider with its 28 stops and 3 keyboards, pedal.

    Inauguration on the 1th september 2019 by Eric Lebrun and Marie-Ange Leurent, organ (Paris), Canta Nova Saar Choir (Saarbrücken), Bernhard Schmidt, direction, as part of the "Festival International d'Orgue de Masevaux".

    Photos Thierry Marline


    Soundbite : Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924) - Pavane - Inauguration's Concert, with pleasant authorization of Eric Lebrun and Marie-Ange Leurent.


  • GEISHOUSE (68) - St Sebastien Church

    Reconditioning, in 2020/2021, of the Verschneider organ (1864), 16 organ stops and 2 keybords, pedal.

  • Meudon (Hauts de Seine Department, Paris area) – St Martin’s Church

    Built in 1864 by Barket/Verschneider, this instrument has been reworked several times; first by Abbey in 1886, then by Beuchet/Debierre in 1947 and 1966 and finally by Barbéris in 1980. The work that has been conducted in 2013 included a deep cleaning and reconditioning of the instrument, the installation of a complete new wind chest for the great organ and the building of a Pedal call system for the Soubasse 16’ stop. Inauguration by Isabelle Capart – titular organist –, Georges Bessonnet and Didier Matry took place on January 26th 2014.

  • BUHL (68) - St Jean Baptiste Church

    Heinrich Koulen organ (1892), with its pneumatic action system and registered as an historical monument, was mute for one decade. A deep reconditioning has been  performed in 2014 and 2015 with a special care for its console.

    The inauguration concert was performed on the 17th of October 2015 by Thierry Mechler.

  • Lampertheim (67) - St Arbogast's Church

    The Koulen organ (1888), is registerd as an historic monument. The instrument was mute for many years and has been restored in 2009. Designed by a long time criticized organ builder, the restoration enabled the instrument to regain its authentic sound qualities. 

  • STRASBOURG (67) - St Paul Reformed Church

    Tribune Great Organ - Walcker 1897

    The instrumental elements of this 75 stops organ listed historical monument was reworked. The objective was to make the organ more liable and rework the reed stops that didn't give satisfaction. This restoration work was done in collaboration with the organ manufacture Eisenbarth in Passau (Germany) for the transmission and with Jean-Marie Tricoteaux for the harmonization.

  • Soppe le Bas (68) - St Vincent's Church

    Restoration of the Valentin Rinkenbach Organ (1842), registered as an historical monument, was undertaken 2005-2006. This organ is the most authentic instrument left by Valentin Rinkenbach. It is particularly interesting because of the conservation of its physharmonica (a freee-reed stop). Certain lost components have been re-constructed (wedge-shaped bellows, pedal-board). The inauguration by Michel Chapuis, 13th May 2007, was an integral part of the "Festival International d'Orgue de Masevaux".

    Soundbite : Hommage à Michel Chapuis (Vol.3) - concert inaugural de l'orgue V. Rinkenbach restauré - Alexandre Guilmant (1837-1911) - Sonatina de la Cantate BWV 106 Actus tragicus de J.S. Bach (sur le jeu de Physharmonica) - avec l'aimable autorisation du Festival International d'Orgues de Masevaux et de Michel Chapuis

  • GEISPOLSHEIM (67) - Ste Marguerite Church

    Restoration in 2018 of Martin Rinckenbach organ (1888), 34 stops and 3 keyboards, pedal.

  • STOTZHEIM (67) - St Nicolas church

    This organ was built en 1904 by Martin and Joseph Rinckenbach in an organ case from Silbermann. It was then transformed by Georges Schwenkedel (arrangement of the Récit) and then reworked by Alfred Kern who removed 3 sotps (Harmonic Flute, Quintaton and Celestial Voice) probably  due to important cracks in the wind chest. A deep restoratin of all elements was made (wind base, transmission, bellows and pipes) as well as the reinstallation of the 3 removed stops that have been stored by the parish.

  • Murbach (68) - St Léger Abbey Church

    Restoration in 2012/13 of the Martin and Joseph Rinckenbach Organ (1906), registered as an historic monument.

    This instrument did not play for more than four decades and was completely covered by rubble and concrete runs. It has now fully recovered its glow thanks to a deep and rigorous restoration of its pneumatic action system, pipes and beautiful buffet. It has been inaugurated on the 1st of September 2013 by Wolfgang Sieber, holder organist of Lucerne St Leodogar im Hof organ, and Immanuel Richter, trompetist at Basel Symphonic Orchestra.


  • Sentheim (68) - St George's Church

    Restoration of the Martin and Joseph Rinckenbach organ (1909) was undertaken in 2007  and included a completely new pneumatic action system, the bellows have all been replaced and the leathers renewed. The inauguration concert was given by Daniel Roth and the "Ensemble Vocal du Pays de Thann" as an integral part of the "Festival International d'Orgue de Masevaux", 15th June 2008.

    Soundbite : Louis Vierne (1870-1937) - impromptu (Pièces de fantaisie, Troisième Suite, op. 54) - Orgues en Alsace (Vol. 2) - with pleasant authorization ot the "Festival International d'Orgues de Masevaux", and Denis Comtet

  • GRENTZINGEN (68) - Saint Martin de Tours Church

    Restoration in 2019 of the Georges Schwenkedel organ (1931), registered as an historic monument, 20 stops and 2 keyboards, pedal, pneumatic action system.

  • SIGOLSHEIM (68) - Sts Pierre et Paul church

    Reconditioning, in 2023, of the Schwenkedel (1966) organ

  • SAINT PIERRE BOIS (67) - St Gilles Church

    Reconditioning, in 2020/2021, of the Rinckenbach (1907) - Schwenkedel (1963) organ, 12 organ  stops and 2 keyboards, pedal.

  • SCHILTIGHEIM (67) - Notre Dame de l'Immaculée Conception church

    Reconditioning, in 2023, of the Roethinger (1960) organ

  • Kaltenhouse (67) - St Wendelin's church

    Restoration of the Stiehr-Mockers Organ (1838) registered as an historic monument.
    This organ has the only known echo keyboard to be constructed by Stiehr. Seriously transformed in 1956 it has now been returned to its original composition. It was inaugurated on 2nd March 2008 by Mathieu Freyburger.

  • Guewenheim (68) - St Maurice's Church

    The Joseph Stiehr Organ (1833), although well conserved, had suffered low quality additions in 1882 (L.F. Callinet) and 1924 (A. Berger). It has now been completely restored, complete with a newly constructed frame for the Swell Pedal. The inauguration by Jean-Baptiste Robin, resident organist of Poitier's Cathedral, 7th May 2006, was heard as an integral part of the "Festival International d'Orgue de Masevaux".

    Soundbite : Bêla Bartok (1881-1945) - Suite de danses roumaines - 1. Joc cu bâta (Danse du bâton) - Orgues en Alsace - Volume 6 - With pleasant authorization of the "Festival International d'Orgues de Masevaux" and Jean-Baptiste Robin.

  • DANGOLSHEIM (67) - St Pancrace Church

    Reconditioning, in 2022, of the Stiehr Mockers organ (1848), registered as an historic monument, 16 organ stops and 2 keyboards, pedal.

  • BREITENAU (67) - St Die Church

    Reconditioning, in 2021, of the Stiehr Mockers organ (1833), 14 organ stops and 1 keyboard, pedal.

  • ANZELING (57) - St Hubert Church

    Reconditioning, in 2021, of the Dalstein Haerpfer organ (1896), 12 organ stops and 2 keyboards, pedal.

  • PARIS (75) - Notre Dame de la Croix Church

    Cavaillé-Coll organ (1872/73). Registerd as an historic monument. This organ has been restored in 2009. A serious work of leveling has been done, especially concerning the reed stops.

  • Toulouse (31) - St Etienne's Cathedral

    Aristide Cavaillé-Coll organ (1868). This instrument is registered as an historic monument and has been restored in 2008. All the instrumental part (mechanics, base, console, piping) has been carried to the workshop in order to be seriously restored. The manual blower has been reconstituted. Some of the previously transformed stops have been recontructed in there original layout. A serious restoration was needed to repare the very damaged buffet sculptures. 

  • La Garenne Colombes (Hauts-de-Seine, Paris area) - St Urban's Church

    Initially built up for a living room by Merklin compagny, this organ has been placed from side-on on St Urban Church's tribune in 1905. It has been completely taken to pieces in 2013 to be deeply restored. the organ case has been enlarged and 4 stops have been added, to get now to a total of 15 stops. The inaugural concert took place on Friday 20th June 2014.

  • HAILLAINVILLE (88) - St Evre Church

    Reconditioning, in 2021, of the Jeanpierre organ (1862/1872), 17 organ stops and 2 keybords and pedal.

  • DAMPIERRE LES BOIS (25) - Reformed Church

    Wetzel Organ has been restorated in 2014-2015. The pedal sound design had disappeared and has been recreated.

    The inauguration concert was performed on the 25th of September 2015 by Elise Rollin (organ) and Florent Sauvageot (trumpet).

  • ANDELOT-BLANCHEVILLE (52) - St Louvent church

    Restoration, in 2022/23, of the organ, of unknown builder, around 1870

  • LOURMARIN (84) - Protestant tempel

    Reconditioning of the Augustin Zeuger (1844) organ

  • Wiesviller (57) - St Barthélémy's Church

    The organ has been reconstructed in the german symphonic style. The two free-reed stops and the three high pressure stops bring rare and original aspects.  Pneumatic action system. 29 stops. Inauguration on June 21th 2009.

  • Schmittviller (57) - Assomption Church

    The organ of the Assomption Church has been restored in 2010. A new case was built, so it was possible to add a new Montre 8'. 

    Soundbite : Claudin de Sermisy (vers 1495 - 1562) - Tant que vivray - Hubert Brayé