• STRASBOURG (67) - St Paul Reformed Church

    Tribune Great Organ - Walcker 1897

    The instrumental elements of this 75 stops organ listed historical monument will be reworked. The objective is to make the organ more liable and rework the reed stops that currently do not give satisfaction. This restoration work will be done in collaboration with the organ manufacture Eisenbarth in Passau (Germany) for the transmission and with Jean-Marie Tricoteaux for the harmonization.

  • GIROMAGNY (90) - St-Jean Baptiste Church

    This instrument is listed historical monument and went through three different stage : Verschneider-Krempf in 1874, Henri Didier in 1902 and Louis Georgel in 1941. It was decided to get back to the original state of Verschneider with its 28 stops and 3 keyboards, pedal.

    Photos Thierry Marline




    The organ was originally built by François Callinet around 1815 for the Chapel of the Pilgrimage Notre-Dame du Schauenberg in Pfaffenheim. Il was then taken to pieces around 1965 and listed as historical monument in 2016. The restoration work aims at getting back to the original condition of this instrument, with its 10 stops, 1 keyboard and a 13 notes fix tirasse Pedal.

  • GEISPOLSHEIM (67) - Ste Marguerite Church

    Restoration of Martin Rinckenbach organ (1888), 34 stops and 3 keyboards, pedal.